Mitina Svetlana
Kostanay, February 9, 2021

At the first stage, all calculus were removed using an ultrasonic device. The doctor traced each tooth with a device with a thin nozzle, which, due to vibrations, seemed to knock all my “precious” stones off my teeth. Was it painful for me? Not at all! Not a bit! Although in some places the stones were deeply embedded and had to be pulled out. Yes, I felt a not particularly pleasant pressure on my gums, that’s all. They say there was blood there… they say a little… But I don’t know, I didn’t see or feel it, because the assistant famously worked with a saliva ejector and this time I didn’t get to taste the blood.

If it weren’t for the buzzing of the device, I could have dozed off (considering that I got up very early that day and I was extremely sleepy).

When the hard calculus were finished, it was the turn of the soft ones. Well, and at the same time all the cracks and gaps that ultrasound could not reach.

The Air Flow device has come into play.

A mixture of abrasive and water is released from it under pressure, which washes away plaque and bacteria from the teeth, penetrating into all hard-to-reach areas. Here, too, everything went comfortably and painlessly. The only thing is that the composition tickled the mucous membranes.

Sometimes a flavor is added to this composition, and some people feel fruity chewing gum, others feel citrus. My teeth were treated with a pure composition without fragrances, so only a feeling of cleanliness, only “hardcore”.

When my teeth sparkled clean, the final stage began, which turned out to be the most unpleasant for me. After all the manipulations, each tooth is polished with a special product that prevents the adhesion of new plaque. It seemed like nothing was wrong, but the rotating head of the polishing brush tickled my lips madly… This was the most unpleasant moment of the entire procedure.

After polishing, I rinsed my mouth with water and that was it. It would seem that the procedure is over.

But no. Next, the doctor showed me how to brush my teeth properly. Well, I am 32 years old, what new can I learn about the procedure that I have been performing 2 times a day all my adult life? But no, it turned out that I was brushing my teeth correctly, but not quite

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Ivasenko Veronika Sergeevna

I would like to express my deep gratitude to Diana Zholbarisovna for her sensitive attitude towards little patients; she explains everything clearly and tells you everything! Very sensitive, attentive, professional! Ivasenko family.

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