Make an appointment and view the results of medical tests.


Answers to frequently asked questions

How can I make an appointment for a referral to a specialist or for an ultrasound?

The registration is carried out independently, through the Damumed application.

Can I make an appointment with a specialist in attachment without a referral?

Unfortunately no. First, you need to make an appointment with your local physician for a referral.

I was given a referral to your medical center for an MRI (CT) free of charge! How can I sign up?

Registration for an MRI (CT) within the framework of the GOMBP and CSHI is carried out via WhatsApp, by calling 8-747-930-53-81.

How can I join your clinic?

You must submit an application through the Egov portal, or go to the clinic at the digital post and submit an application with us. You must have an ID card and an EDS key with you. If you want to attach a child, then a birth certificate. Each adult submits an application independently. A pensioner will only need an ID card.

I need to take attachment tests, how can I do this?

Referrals for tests are issued by a physician, so you must first make an appointment.

How can I register for pregnancy by attachment?

We register pregnancy with midwives. You must have the result of an ultrasound examination with you, where you can listen to the baby’s heartbeat.

If I am not insured, will they be able to open a sick leave certificate for me?

Yes, according to your indications, they will be able to open a sick leave certificate for you.